Squirrel Girl vs. The Purifiers in Marvel Heroes MMO.

Those are the latest screens, revealed yesterday on the Marvel Heroes Facebook. Yes, it’s true. Squirrel Girl will be beating down the high and mighty Purifiers.


Is anyone 100% pure?

In my humble opinion, the only thing that is completely pure is the ability to accept the impossibility of total purity. Life must be embraced with all its flaws intact. The crusade to scour the world of sin and imperfection is bald arrogance and utter villainy.

The Purifiers have a different view.

Like all religious zealots, they are driven by the false idol of perfect morality. They insist on imposing their illusion of ethical cleansing on the rest of us. They are the essence of true evil.



The Purifiers have tried in vain to cleanse the Marvel Universe of “sinful” mutants since 1982. They are getting a major upgrade in Gazillion’s upcoming Marvel Heroes game. Best of all, you can get totally nuts when you destroy them online.

You can be keen, as Doreen Green. You can vanquish the Purifiers as Squirrel Girl.


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