Cryptozoic’s DC New 52 Set Is Out, And The Party Is On!!!

That is the newest treasure in our hunt to amass the best collection of Superhero Booty on Earth. There are new original art miniature masterpieces to be had, thanks to Cryptozoic’s DC New 52 set that just dropped. Supergirl is looking over her shoulder at the explosion that just busted a big fanboy bubble all over the globe. Yes, that signature confirms one of the most thrilling things about this party. Ryan Kinnaird is in the house, once again drawing delicious dollies on an official comic book card set.


Ryan Kinnaird has no peer when it comes to the pretties. Hotter heroic honey has never been hewn from pencil and paint. He was the Marvel master for Vs. System, and the memories will never fade.

And now we see that the man, the myth, the Ryan Kinnaird will once again be available on original art insert cards. It is a dream come true. Just gaze into the eyes of his Marvel Masterpieces. Then imagine what other wonders await within Cryptozoic’s DC New 52.

Party On!!!

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