And Then There Were Eight: Sketchcard Saloon World Championships Quarter-finals.

This tournament started like that, and now we have come to this.  The great 8 are about to throw down in our sketch card artist battle royale.  Get ready for blood!

Kat Laurange vs. Nina Fike

Loki by Kat Laurange

Squirrel Girl by Nina Fike


Nar! vs. Charles Hall

Scarlet Witch by Nar!

Dazzler by Charles Hall


Melike Acar vs. Benjamin Glendenning

Emma Frost and Maddie Pryor by Melike Acar

Harley Quinn by Benjamin Glendenning


Hanie Mohd vs. Chris Foreman

Squirrel Girl by Hanie Mohd

Captain Deadpool by Chris Foreman


Good luck to all, and may the best artist win!

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