Superior Squirrel Girl, We Choose You!

Superior Squirrel Girl.  The new comic book was just announced by Dan Slott.  It may be a joke, it may be a ruse, but it is hotter than hell and it awakens the muse.

Since Dan Slott just announced Superior Squirrel Girl on his twitter feed, we are going to show you what she might look like by displaying all of the Squirrel Girl sketch cards from our collection in one place.  Superior Squirrel Girl, we choose you!

The first Superior Squirrel Girl that started this post was created by Nina Fike for Upper Deck’s Kree Skrull War set.  The rest of the artists will be identified under their Superior Squirrel Girl cards.  Ready, Set, Nut!!!



Eric McConnell.

Jayson Kretzer.

Optic Nerve.


Dave Simons.

Chris Foreman.

George “Geo” Davis.

Sonny Strait.

Tony Perna.

Benjamin Glendenning.

Don Hillsman II.

Hanie Mohd.

Larry “Slickaway” Schlekewy.

Meghan Hetrick.

Melike Acar.

Katie Cook.

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