Ryan Stegman Confesses to Squirrel Girl.

That is a real page from a real comic book with a real Marvel character named Squirrel Girl. New Avengers #15 written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Mike Deodato Jr.


That is a real Twitter conversation in which the Marvel Comics madman known as Ryan Stegman confesses to the fact that he is drawing Squirrel Girl which almost confirms a future appearance by Doreen Green in the upcoming top secret Superior title written by Dan Slott. If this is not simple tree rodent trolling, what would a Ryan Stegman Squirrel Girl actually look like? Well, he recently did one of the most hauntingly beautiful comic book pages in recorded history for Fantastic Four #609 written by Jonathan Hickman. It goes a little something like this.



Would a Ryan Stegman Squirrel Girl be that epic? Our sources say yes. After all, the dude’s got mad skills and he has already confessed.





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