Mike Deodato Jr. and Greg Land pages from the LeBron James Marvel Comic Book.

That is the cover by Adi Granov.  Today we have three new pages from the inside, and they were drawn by two more of the best artists in the business.

That magnificent Marvel version of recent Miami Heat history was drawn by Mike Deodato Jr.  He was already one of our favorite comic book artists, now he is immortal.  Mike Deodato Jr. is, afterall, the genius who draws Squirrel Girl better than anyone else in the world.

The other two pages from the LeBron James King of the Rings comic book that we are showcasing today were drawn by Greg Land.  Check these out.

Greg Land, of course, is the artist reponsible for some of the most memorable zombies Marvel has ever seen.

The LeBron James comic book will be arising onto the newsstand on October 19th, inside ESPN the magazine.  With amazing artists like Mike Deodato Jr. and Greg Land, it will be a beautiful thing.

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