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Deadpool Thinks He Is Thor.

Joe Pekar makes us laugh out loud.

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Peter H. Nguyen is a Trip.

Deadpool + My Little Pony = Whoa.  Peter H. Nguyen is a Trip.  That is all.

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Katie Cook Saves.

Some days are difficult.  The politics of modern life can really bring me down, if I let them.  I am an art teacher, and the career that I have dedicated my life to is under attack.  If the people in … Continue reading

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More Thor.

Today we have another early look at some of the sketchcard treasure being inserted randomly into the Upper Deck Thor movie set.  Billy Martin for the win!

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Deadpool Party!

Kristin Allen captures the essence of the Deadpool Corps and brings the widest grin to our faces. Party on!

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Squirrel Girl Beats Deadpool Every Time.

Don’t get Squirrel Girl angry. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry. Deadpool found out the hard way. By Irma Ahmed.

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Deadpool Like Whoa.

Any comic book junkie worth their smack knows that reference and we need to pause a moment for them to stop laughing. The first awe-inspiring Artist Proof sketch card this glorious morning is an homage to the first appearance of … Continue reading

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