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Squirrel Girl and Karolina Dean Team Up for Marvel Zombies Halloween.

With two more days until Halloween, we need to get this out before we burst.  Two of the most fascinating females in the entire Marvel Universe have been thrust together for eternity by the madman genius known as Fred Van … Continue reading

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Wicked Illicit Marvel Zombies. (Including Zombie Squirrel Girl!)

That is zombie Namor taking a bite out of crime. Zombie Tiger Shark didn’t stand a chance. The wicked undead detailed intensity of that scene was somehow captured for eternity on a three-inch trading card by the singular talents of … Continue reading

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Jeremy Treece Party!

Today is my 50th birthday, and that sketch card drawn by Jeremy Treece landed in my mailbox just in time.  Jeremy Treece is one of the most unique and twisted artists in the industry.  Here is some of his Marvel cardboard … Continue reading

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The Lost Zombie Women of Marvel.

That card no longer exists.  It was drawn by Andy Price and  submitted to Marvel Comics for approval.  It was rejected, and it was destroyed.  During the Women of Marvel production window in 2008, the offices of Marvel Comics decided that they would … Continue reading

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