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Mel Uran + Squirrel Girl + Classic Mythology = Bliss.

That is a flurry of fabulous fur that makes our heart sing for joy. Squirrel Girl by Mel Uran from the upcoming Marvel Premier set by Upper Deck. So much rodent, so much bliss. Doreen Green may not quite be … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines First Birthday Pirate Sketchcard Party!

Those are my two dearest loves for Valentines Day 2011.¬† Between the¬†passionate chaos magick of my wife Nina and the uncontainable joy of our grandson Lee, this year promises to drown my heart 144 times over in the Sea of … Continue reading

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Character Screen: Super Skrull, MODOK, and Dormammu.

In honor of that full reveal we are going to kick it with the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character select screen beginning with the Marvel top row. Grab your joystick and hold on tight! Sketchcards by Nar, Mel Uran, Nestor … Continue reading

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