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Dave Bullock FTW.

It’s a lucky day in the Saloon.  Not only does Mulletman grace the top of this post, but there is more Dave Bullock where that came from.  Remember gang, if you want to wallow in the wonderland of sketch card … Continue reading

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Alex Maleev’s Magical Morphing Moon Knight.

This magnificent Moon Knight was just revealed by Alex Maleev. It will probably be the cover for a future Marvel comic book. We have no idea why it is morphing into the other characters, but we are still giving it … Continue reading

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Mystery Spoiler for Moon Knight by Alex Maleev.

That is a drawing that was just released by Alex Maleev.  It seems to show some sort of morphing Moon Knight.  Wolverine’s claws, Spider-Man’s web shooters, Captain America’s shield, and a disappearing leg. Could it be a secret spoiler for … Continue reading

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