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Best. Card. Ever. Hanie Mohd. Squirrel Girl!

Our prayers have been answered, our dreams have come true.  Today is the Day of the Dangerous Divas, and the incomparable Hanie Mohd has blissed Squirrel Girl in her own special way. Heaven on Earth.

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Richard Pace Takes Marvel Back To The Beginnings.

There are many faces of Hulk, and Richard Pace has captured them intensely in that eight card puzzle.  This original art masterpiece will be inserted randomly to the foil wrapped packs of Upper Deck’s Marvel Beginnings set.  One lucky collector … Continue reading

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Marvel’s Dangerous Divas Are Incendiary To The Optics.

That pandemonious Psylocke is a puzzle constructed from four different trading cards.  The original art was created by the amazing Meghan Hetrick, and this glorious prize will be inserted randomly into a box of Marvel Dangerous Divas.  The set will … Continue reading

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A Friday Full of Nar!

That is a pretty accurate portrait of the feeling I get whenever I gaze upon the insanely creative interpretations of classic Marvel Comics characters by the brilliant madman named Nar.  He is, without a doubt, one of the most highly … Continue reading

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The Amazing Daniel Campos.

Those are the personal favorites of Daniel Campos, from his own Fantastic Four Archives sketch cards.  He has a permanent place in our hearts, and on the banner of the Sketchcard Saloon with his Skrull Elektra. The man is truly … Continue reading

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The Lost Zombie Women of Marvel.

That card no longer exists.  It was drawn by Andy Price and  submitted to Marvel Comics for approval.  It was rejected, and it was destroyed.  During the Women of Marvel production window in 2008, the offices of Marvel Comics decided that they would … Continue reading

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X-Men Battle Royale!

That combustible cardboard calliope of mythological mutant madness was created by Butch Mapa.  It may be the most magnificent X-Men sketchcard ever, it may not.  Today we are gonna throw down. Butch Mapa vs. Katie Cook vs. Anthony Tan vs. … Continue reading

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