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The Epic Skills Of Anthony Tan.

In the world of original art sketch cards, the detailed inks of Anthony Tan are legendary. If a collector opens a box and “pulls a Tan”, they are extremely lucky and will be congratulated. Every sketch by this master artist … Continue reading

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Best. Card. Ever. Anthony Tan’s Mockingbird.

Every once in a while, a sketch card goes beyond anything we have ever seen before. A new level of beauty is achieved. This is one of those times. Anthony Tan’s Mockingbird. Best. Card. Ever.

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Marvel: 2012 Greatest Heroes Preview.

Rittenhouse Archives has just slapped some happy preview sheets our way for their upcoming Marvel: 2012 Greatest Heroes set. Today’s burst includes Ryan Kincaid, Katie Cook, Frank Kadar, and Anthony Tan. Magnificent stuff.

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The Miami Heat is a Sign of the Apocalypse.

Check the eyes.  We were there to witness.  Chris Bosh is playing like a man possessed.  The millions of people who love to hate the Miami Heat must feel as if the world is coming to an end.  This team … Continue reading

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Thanos Party.

George Calloway. Andre Toma. George Davis. Anthony Tan. George Calloway. Brandon Kenney.

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The Big Three Are On Fire.

Warren Martineck. Anthony Tan. Mike Kunkel.

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Machine Language: Katie Cook vs. Anthony Tan.

Katie Cook. Anthony Tan.

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Puzzled By Thor.

The Thor movie is out.  If you stay until after the credits, you will find a surprise.  We know this mystery, but we are not going to reveal it quite yet.  Instead, we present some seriously spectacular Asgardian cardboard with … Continue reading

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X-Men Battle Royale!

That combustible cardboard calliope of mythological mutant madness was created by Butch Mapa.  It may be the most magnificent X-Men sketchcard ever, it may not.  Today we are gonna throw down. Butch Mapa vs. Katie Cook vs. Anthony Tan vs. … Continue reading

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Deadpool Like Whoa.

Any comic book junkie worth their smack knows that reference and we need to pause a moment for them to stop laughing. The first awe-inspiring Artist Proof sketch card this glorious morning is an homage to the first appearance of … Continue reading

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One Collector to Own Them All: Dark Phoenix Edition

All from the collection of WILDBILL2000 on sketchcollectors.com. All penultimate portraits of the Dark Phoenix. All simply amazing.

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