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Marvel Beginnings Has Begun!

That is a Bob Wiacek autographed card that was pulled from a pack of Marvel Beginnings.  The set was released by Upper Deck yesterday.  Here is one more of the hand-signed treasures already pulled. Another thrill that could be yours? Holograms!  Yes, the 3-D … Continue reading

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Wendy Chew Is Back!

More Wendy Chew Bliss, these will be inserted into the upcoming Marvel Beginnings set by Upper Deck.  More color, more smiles, more pure love!

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He Is Jonboy Meyers, Hear Him Rock.

Those are the two main villains from this summer’s blockbuster Marvel movies.  Loki will be taking the hammer from Thor, and Red Skull will be getting shielded by Captain America.  In only two more weeks we will be shredding the foil wrappers … Continue reading

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Charles Hall. Marvel Beginnings. Timeless.

Check. That. Out.  Charles Hall’s Marvel Beginnings cards are taking things to a whole new level by honoring the legendary past.  Each tiny oil painting is a spectacular portrait on top of a drawing of the character’s original appearance. Brilliant … Continue reading

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Eric Ninaltowski: Rookie of the Year.

The Marvel Beginnings set from Upper Deck will feature a new name in the sketch card game. When the Eric Ninaltowski drawings are pulled from their packs, the world will never be the same. This is seriously spectacular stuff.

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Richard Pace Takes Marvel Back To The Beginnings.

There are many faces of Hulk, and Richard Pace has captured them intensely in that eight card puzzle.  This original art masterpiece will be inserted randomly to the foil wrapped packs of Upper Deck’s Marvel Beginnings set.  One lucky collector … Continue reading

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