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Sonny Strait’s Shuma Shrine!

Every Friday night, Sonny Strait does Sketchapalooza on Facebook. Last night we were honored guests, and we got hooked up with Shuma-Gorath! Good times.

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Spider-Man Bobblehead Wars by Sonny Strait.

That is a tiny piece of cardboard crazy by Sonny Strait himself. It was officially approved by Marvel Comics, like all the sketchcards here in the Saloon.  In other words, in one tiny section of official comic book reality, Spidey got … Continue reading

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Squirrel Girl Music Video.

The first Squirrel Girl Music Video Ever. The world will never be the same.

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Squirrel Girl Frazetta Parody by Sonny Strait.

That, my friends, is a Saturnalia miracle.  We commissioned Sonny Strait to create a Squirrel Girl sketchcard.  He got all inspired and did it as a pandemonium parody of Frank Frazetta, during the full lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice.  … Continue reading

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Sonny Strait’s Sick Degrees of Seperation Leading to Rogue and Gambit’s Wedding.

Serious Superhero Sychophants like us seldom slow down when we can go faster.  Such is the scribbling of Sonny Strait.  Louder, faster, more intense than ever before.  Especially when it comes to the deepest of mythological emotions.  The glue that … Continue reading

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Party On With Sonny Strait.

Sonny Strait.  The name is synonymous with silly skill of the highest caliber.  On the eve of Thanksgiving, with two hours left until school is out, we present one of the greatest celebrations ever held.  Sonny Strait’s dance cards from the … Continue reading

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All The Strange You Can Handle.

That is the sketch card that holds my face.  Gooney Toons used my actual physical features as the basis for the Sorceror Supreme in the Marvel Heroes and Villains set.  The original image has obviously been mirrored to complete the Nightmare, and it … Continue reading

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