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Best. Card. Ever. Mick and Matt Glebe.

Mick and Matt Glebe are causing quite a stir in this realm. They made their sketchcard debut with Rittenhouse Archives’ Marvel Universe set. This otherworldly moment between Enchantress and Scarlet Witch is the first of their Artists Proofs we have … Continue reading

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Scarlet Witch Comes Alive.

That is Nina Fike’s Scarlet Witch flipping out on the gif tip.  Dance party!

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150,000 with Wanda.

Scarlet Witch vs. Doop. Katie Cook. Immortal Mythology updated like a spark inside the present moment. Party on. This morning we reached a milestone here at the Sketchcard Saloon. 150,000 visitors have engorged their eyes with the soulbursting syrup of … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers Day with Sanna U.

Sanna U is the matron saint of the sweetest cardboard bliss. That portrait of Scarlet Witch is a perfect blessing for the holiday. Oh, and yes. She also did a Squirrel Girl. Happy Mothers Day!

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Study In Contrast: Sarah Wilkinson vs. Jeff Victor.

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Women of Marvel by Dave Simons.

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The Red and the Black. (Marvel Universe Edition.)

Can you identify all of those funky fan favorites? Well, that was just a taste.  Today we present one wonderful way of drawing the Marvel Universe.  George “Geo” Davis did a most amazing themed sub-set in the Iron Man 2 … Continue reading

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