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Squirrel Girl Redesigned.

Hoo boy!  That is a rather intense redesign of Doreen Green by walkonwater777. My, how she was changed.  As a reference point, take a gander at a more traditional Squirrel Girl from our collection, by Dave Simons, without the gun. Happy Monday!

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Women of Marvel by Dave Simons.

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Best. Card. Ever. Squirrel Girl by Dave Simons.

In honor of Squirrel Girl’s breakthrough into the upper level of the Marvel Universe yesterday, we are unveiling the newest treasure in our sketchcard collection.  Doreen Green in the quirkiest position ever seen, by the dearly departed Dave Simons.  Fly … Continue reading

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The (Squirrel Girl) Truth According To Bendis.

That is a little jewel that was just pulled from its pack somewhere in Maryland.  It is an original art sketch card by Irma Ahmed from the Marvel Heroes and Villains set.  We were aware that Squirrel Girl was leaving Deadpool to … Continue reading

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Character Study: Captain America.

In honor of democracy and the glorious freedom that we enjoy, today is Captain America’s turn to shine. Get out there and vote!

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Cardboard Continuity: New Avengers.

Cardboard Continuity is a segment of our show that seeks to share the official mythology of the Marvel Universe. We will be illustrating these chunks of comic book canon with our absolute favorite incarnations: the authorized madness of original art … Continue reading

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