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Aquaman Nails.

After she finishes calling forth the Sea Creatures, she scratches a mean back.  Aquaman nails, I love you.

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Chris Bosh Drawn by a Second Grader.

That is Chris Bosh, drawn by one of our second graders here in Miami. This is the story of how it happened. Chris Bosh has been one of my favorite players since he studied Graphic Design at Georgia Tech. His … Continue reading

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Mark Fidrych, the Rally Squirrel, and the Phoenix Force.

In 2003, the sparkling upstart Florida Marlins took down the mighty New York Yankees and the party was loud enough to carry from our house in Miami to downtown Manhattan. Then last year a random tree rodent helped the Cardinals win … Continue reading

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It’s Jack Kirby’s birthday, so Squirrel Girl is fighting Dazzler!

That is a Squirrel Girl sketch card painted by Nina Fike in honor of Jack Kirby.  It is the man’s birthday today, and Squirrel Girl gets to fight Dazzler this month as part of the celebration.  Party On!!! See, in an interview … Continue reading

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Sketchcard Saloon Sweepstakes: Identify all these cards and win a sketch.

That is your mission, should you choose to accept it.  Identify all 15 cards shown on the tops of the stacks, both character and artist.  You can click the photograph to make it bigger. Send your answers to or … Continue reading

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Miami Heat Skull Shirt.

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LeBron James Answers Your Questions.

That is LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh drawn by Marvel Comics master artist Mike Deodato Jr. for ESPN magazine. Last season they won rings, but today they are stuck inside during Hurricane Isaac with the rest of our … Continue reading

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Skottie Young’s Marvel Now Babies For The Win.

Skottie Young is a genius, and Marvel Now is cutting him loose.  It simply does not get any better than this.

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Squirrel Girl by Andy Price.

That is a terrific three card Squirrel Girl puzzle by Andy Price.  It is almost as amazing as his nutty pin-up print that follows. Doreen Green, as hot as she has ever been seen.

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Miami Heat Chibi Cartoon Characters.

I had the same wallpaper on my phone for two years until just now.  Check out these Chibi Miami Heat cartoon characters.  Freaking awesome.

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Cryptozoic’s DC52 set has a Skulljammer.

Benjamin Glendenning is a modern master meddling in the medium of sketch cards.  He is also known as Skulljammer, and he is one of the featured artists in Cryptozoic’s upcoming DC52 set. Good times on the horizon.

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Adam Cline, Power Man.

Yes, Luke Cage was drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz in the 1980’s.  No, the Power Man of Marvel Comics has never looked better than today.  Our sketch card collection has just been energized by one of the most original, most twisted, … Continue reading

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Squirrel Girl’s Only Appearance in Marvel Pinball.

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Schrodinger’s Cat Papercraft by Glen Brogan.

In one reality, you have already printed the following pattern on cardstock and constructed your own Schrodinger’s Cat.  In another, you never will. Create your own reality!

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Okami Plush and Blazblue Cosplay.

Happy Monday, from Okami and Blazblue, no matter what you are wearing.

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Our Heroes.

Congratulations to the United States Olympic Men’s Basketball team on winning the 2012 Gold Medal.  You are true superheroes, and you made us proud.

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