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Marvel’s Greatest Battles. Adam Cline. Bliss.

No Squirrel Girl, no problem.  Midnight on April 17th, the Marvel Greatest Battles set by Rittenhouse Archives will be released.  And the world will never be the same. Enjoy the Adam Cline teasers, and get your clicking finger ready now!!!

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Three Monstrous Masters: Adam Cline, Ryan Stegman, and Arthur Adams.

That Red Sonja sketch card is the latest treasure in our collection.  It is the creation of a modern master known as Adam Cline.  Red Sonja sketch cards are part of a tradition that has captured some of the most … Continue reading

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Adam Cline, Power Man.

Yes, Luke Cage was drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz in the 1980’s.  No, the Power Man of Marvel Comics has never looked better than today.  Our sketch card collection has just been energized by one of the most original, most twisted, … Continue reading

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Adam Cline’s Quirky Marvel Masterpieces.

The artwork of Adam Cline borders upon the insane.  There is no rational explanation for this much bizarre individuality.  He is a quirk of nature. The card above is the only Adam Cline in our collection.  She is Tasty, an … Continue reading

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Three Years Later.

Upper Deck started this party in 2008.  Their relaunch of the Marvel Masterpieces set brought together some of the most intense eye poppers in the comic book industry to create original art miniature museum pieces on three-inch pieces of cardboard that you … Continue reading

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Sunday Whites.

Hanie Mohd. Katie Cook. Adam Cline. Axebone.

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Best. Card. Ever. Tasty Cline’s Apple Bottom.

We got an Adam Cline.  Finally.

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Puzzled By Thor.

The Thor movie is out.  If you stay until after the credits, you will find a surprise.  We know this mystery, but we are not going to reveal it quite yet.  Instead, we present some seriously spectacular Asgardian cardboard with … Continue reading

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Starting With Adam (Cline).

A fresh year to wallow in timeless talent and cardboard epiphany. Adam Cline to twizzle the eyestalks into shivering spams. Bring it, 2011. Give us all you got.

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Cardboard Continuity: New Avengers.

Cardboard Continuity is a segment of our show that seeks to share the official mythology of the Marvel Universe. We will be illustrating these chunks of comic book canon with our absolute favorite incarnations: the authorized madness of original art … Continue reading

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