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Sketchcard Saloon World Championship Final Battle!!!

That was the beginning, now we have come to this. This is really it! Only TWO sketch card artists left! Only one will be World Champion! Vote early, vote often, make your vote count! And… May the best artist win!!! … Continue reading

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Show Off Your Sketch Card Collection at Sketchcollectors.com.

That was the top of the front page of sketchcollectors.com on the day I uploaded the most recent sketch cards from my collection. If you collect sketch cards, and you want to join the global sketch card community, start an … Continue reading

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The Genius of Jon Sommariva.

Yes, those are the Darkstalkers. No, they have never looked better. The genius of Jon Sommariva has taken the super-deformed Chibi look from their appearance in Super Puzzle Fighter 2 and made it a masterpiece. Here in the Saloon, we … Continue reading

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Mike Mayhew FTW.

Are you ready for one of the most exciting announcements in the history of the sketch card world? Are you sure? Mike Mayhew will be creating original art miniature masterpieces to be inserted randomly in the packs of Upper Deck’s … Continue reading

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The Serious Skills of Nestor Celario Jr.

The sketchcard genre allows a wide variety of specialized skills to flourish in their natural habitat.  Nestor Celario Jr. is also known as Jesterretsej, and his stuff is serious.  Every time I surf through his portfolio I feel like I got punched … Continue reading

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Got There.

We did it. Since sketch cards are unique pieces of original art, there is only one of each of those delirious Doops in existence. It was a treasure hunt of the highest magnitude, thanks to the tantalizing talents of Chris … Continue reading

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Clawing The Eyes Out Of Your Head with Artfan’s Tigra Collection.

Ahhh.  It is a brand new week in the Sketchcard Saloon and we are starting things off with a growl.  Welcome to the most glorious collection of original Tigra art in existence.  The man calls himself artfan, and the girl … Continue reading

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A Friday Full of Nar!

That is a pretty accurate portrait of the feeling I get whenever I gaze upon the insanely creative interpretations of classic Marvel Comics characters by the brilliant madman named Nar.  He is, without a doubt, one of the most highly … Continue reading

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It’s true, Skottie Young did sketch cards.

That happens to be one of my favorite Marvel Comic covers of all time.  I love me some X-Babies, and when they got such a big name to make them immortal I did flips inside my head. Skottie Young.  The name gets … Continue reading

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Axebone. That is all.

Today we are getting alphabetical. Axebone. That is all. To think that these orignal art masterpieces are one-of-a-kind prizes that have been inserted in a single set? Wow. It is true. This entire catalog of visual bliss is contained within … Continue reading

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Spread Your Wings.

All Archangel, all from the Marvel Heroes and Villains set. All owned by a single dedicated collector named FeedTheLion. All amazing. The first one is by Jason Portratz and Jack Hai. Fasten your seatbelts, we are about to fly into … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Styles: Richard Cox vs. Bryan Turner.

That is an eye-popping sketchcard by Richard Cox. As opposed to a gut-busting bunch of baubles by Bryan Turner. Enjoy!

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Black Cat Spotted As Witness To Kobe Clownshoes.

Who is that in the background directly under the ball? It’s Black Cat! Not only did the Miami Heat turn Kobe Bryant into a joke, but the feat was witnessed by one of Marvel Comics’ hottest feline females. Word. In … Continue reading

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X-Men Battle Royale!

That combustible cardboard calliope of mythological mutant madness was created by Butch Mapa.  It may be the most magnificent X-Men sketchcard ever, it may not.  Today we are gonna throw down. Butch Mapa vs. Katie Cook vs. Anthony Tan vs. … Continue reading

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Squirrel Girl Frazetta Parody by Sonny Strait.

That, my friends, is a Saturnalia miracle.  We commissioned Sonny Strait to create a Squirrel Girl sketchcard.  He got all inspired and did it as a pandemonium parody of Frank Frazetta, during the full lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice.  … Continue reading

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The Red and the Black. (Marvel Universe Edition.)

Can you identify all of those funky fan favorites? Well, that was just a taste.  Today we present one wonderful way of drawing the Marvel Universe.  George “Geo” Davis did a most amazing themed sub-set in the Iron Man 2 … Continue reading

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