It’s true, Skottie Young did sketch cards.

That happens to be one of my favorite Marvel Comic covers of all time.  I love me some X-Babies, and when they got such a big name to make them immortal I did flips inside my head.

Skottie Young.  The name gets larger with each new cover.  His style is instantly recognizable and infinitely cool.  Each new piece he finishes shatters the visual senses all over again.

And, just in case you doubt the incredible expanse of sketch card history, today we have evidence of a pretty amazing truth.

Skottie Young did 20 cards for Upper Deck’s Marvel Masterpieces 2 set.


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1 Response to It’s true, Skottie Young did sketch cards.

  1. Wannabe Hero says:

    Great stuff! Wish he’d do some more! 🙂

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