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Capcom Squirrel Girl?

Capcom Squirrel Girl: A Poem. I was surfing around the screen Looking for Doreen Green. When I found the coolest thing That I had ever seen. Capcom Squirrel Girl? For real?

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Magic The Gathering Card Recreated in 3D.

Once upon a time we were playing Friday Night Magic when the Apocalypse expansion set came out.  We pulled a Tundra Kavu from the pack and it was love at first sight.  Matt Cavotta painted this fanciful creature, but we … Continue reading

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LeBron James Jumps Over People.

That is the Marvel Comics version of the Miami Heat, by Mike Deodato Jr. They are looking for incoming threats from the sky. Now we know why. Today, LeBron James became an airborne superhero and jumped completely over one of … Continue reading

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Blast From The Past: Eric Canete’s Marvel Masterpieces.

Upper Deck blew the world to bits with their first Marvel Masterpieces set in 2007, allowing hundreds of psychotically skilled artists to interpret timeless comic book characters in any way they saw fit. Eric Canete absolutely nailed it.

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Blast From The Past: George “Geo” Davis.

There is no other artist that could pull off the soulful tiki tribal goodness of George “Geo” Davis.  Today we are kicking off our new throwback series with his web-encrusted eye candy from the Spider-Man Archives set.  It’s chock full of total … Continue reading

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Katie Cook’s Pandora and Persephone.

These are two Greek goddesses by Katie Cook. Pandora and Persephone, both part of the upcoming Classic Mythology set from Perna Studios. But… What’s in the box???

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Mike Mayhew FTW.

Are you ready for one of the most exciting announcements in the history of the sketch card world? Are you sure? Mike Mayhew will be creating original art miniature masterpieces to be inserted randomly in the packs of Upper Deck’s … Continue reading

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Squirrels vs. Werewolf: Magic The Gathering Grand Prix Lincoln Playmat.

Squirrels vs. Werewolf, in real life.  That is the actual Ron Spencer art for the Magic the Gathering Grand Prix Lincoln playmat. Yes!!! When we played on the Vs. System Pro Circuit, we played on a playmat of my face.  Squirrels … Continue reading

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Ink-Stained Rumble: Iron Man 2.

That is one of the gems of our collection, by Ray Anthony-Height.  It exploded onto the scene with Upper Deck’s Iron Man 2 set, which is one of the best single releases ever.  Today we are pitting Ray’s incendiary splashes … Continue reading

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Jim Cheung is Back!

That is the spectacular cover for Avengers vs. X-Men #1 by Jim Cheung. Marvel Comics is throwing down with their two top teams in a titanic battle for the ages, and they could not have chosen a more talented artist … Continue reading

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National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Thanks to the National Wildlife Federation, today is Squirrel Appreciation Day. Since our favorite Marvel character is a perfect fit, the Sketchcard Saloon is participating with full force. No matter what kind of cat floats your boat, please join us … Continue reading

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Upper Deck Gives Squirrel Girl A Base Card.

That is the first base card revealed from the Marvel Beginnings 2 set by Upper Deck. Doreen Green for the win. You’ve come a long way, baby. A Squirrel Girl in every box!

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Custom Squirrel Girl Minimate.

She has no official action figure, but that does not stop fans around the world from building them from scratch. Now, direct from, we have a vision of a possible future. Bring it on!

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Meghan and Axebone and Katie, Oh My! Classic Mythology From Perna Studios.

In the Cosmos of the sketchcard community, there are some big names with an infinite ability to contain and translate immense power onto little pieces of cardboard. Usually the myths involve pop culture icons like Wolverine or Squirrel Girl. Now … Continue reading

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Squirrel Girl in a Gas Mask?

Character chaos in Second Life, by trinity0666. Wow.

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Avengers vs. X-Men #1: The Jim Cheung Inks.

Those are the inks from the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men #1 cover, thanks to Jim Cheung. Here is the full color version. Jim Cheung is a master, and he is one of the brightest stars in the sketchcard firmament. Enjoy … Continue reading

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