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Jason Aaron Spills: Dazzler Is Going To Fight Squirrel Girl in AvX.

With the release of Avengers vs. X-Men #0 yesterday, the whole world started shaking. Then in an interview on the Marvel mothership, Jason Aaron added boots. The details are just now coming into view. Dazzler is going to fight Squirrel … Continue reading

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Squirrel Girl Mania.

That is the worktable of Charles Hall, full of magnificent tiny oil paintings for the upcoming Marvel Greatest Heroes set by Rittenhouse Archives. If you look closely, right in the middle, there is a Doreen Green. Squirrel Girl Mania is … Continue reading

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Floating Our Boat With Dazzler.

The sketch card hobby never ceases to amaze me.  We just completed a trade that is sending this smoking hot Dazzler to Miami to join our collection.  Every time I look at that card, I love it even more.  Charles … Continue reading

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Galacta Redesigned.

That is the first issue of the Marvel Comics Galacta mini-series.  It was available only as a digital comic, no paper.  She is the daughter of Galactus, and she contemplated the creation of a living planet with Wolverine’s healing powers … Continue reading

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Best. Card. Ever. Spider-Woman by Charles Hall.

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Axebone vs. Charles Hall For All The Marbles.

Master of the Universe is up for grabs. Axebone’s Medusa vs. Charles Hall’s Galacta. Get ready to rumble!

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Red Skull Turned Blue.

Charles Hall knows the truth about Red Skull.  Best. Card. Ever.

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The Miami Heat is a Sign of the Apocalypse.

Check the eyes.  We were there to witness.  Chris Bosh is playing like a man possessed.  The millions of people who love to hate the Miami Heat must feel as if the world is coming to an end.  This team … Continue reading

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Chillin On Sunday With Deadpool.

Sunday. Time to kick back and enjoy life. Like Deadpool. Sketch cards by Axebone, Bard, Charles Hall, Jack Redd, and Hanie Mohd. All from the collection of humpdz. Chillin.

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Charles Hall. Marvel Beginnings. Timeless.

Check. That. Out.  Charles Hall’s Marvel Beginnings cards are taking things to a whole new level by honoring the legendary past.  Each tiny oil painting is a spectacular portrait on top of a drawing of the character’s original appearance. Brilliant … Continue reading

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Going Green With She-Hulk.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Sketchcards by Charles Hall, Newton Barbosa, and Sanna U. Curated by Rian Fike. Go Green!

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Marvel’s Dangerous Divas Are Incendiary To The Optics.

That pandemonious Psylocke is a puzzle constructed from four different trading cards.  The original art was created by the amazing Meghan Hetrick, and this glorious prize will be inserted randomly into a box of Marvel Dangerous Divas.  The set will … Continue reading

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More Phoenix, More Better.

That is an actual screenshot of Jean Grey getting Pheeney with it, in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  We love the heat, we love the fire, we cannot get enough.  Today we have a fresh batch of the best Phoenix ever seen, courtesy … Continue reading

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Deadpool Like Whoa.

Any comic book junkie worth their smack knows that reference and we need to pause a moment for them to stop laughing. The first awe-inspiring Artist Proof sketch card this glorious morning is an homage to the first appearance of … Continue reading

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Single Set Spectacular: Marvel Heroes and Villains.

   Those are two small wonders from the brand new Marvel Heroes and Villains set produced by Rittenhouse Archives. They are original oil paintings by Charles Hall. All of those details are somehow contained upon a three inch piece of … Continue reading

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Permanent Credits.

These are nine little beauties from my personal collection. They will be a permanent feature of the Sketchcard Saloon, and we want to applaud their creators. Here are the specifics: Elektra Skrull by Daniel Campos from the Marvel 70th Anniversary … Continue reading

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