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Best. Card. Ever. Supergirl by Hanie Mohd.

Some sketch cards are transcendent examples of the miracle of human creativity.  This is one of those.  Hanie Mohd did something with a three inch card that blows my mind all the way to infinity and beyond. Wow.

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Classic Mythology on Modern Cardboard.

It is big. It is bold. It is beautiful. It is the upcoming Classic Mythology set from Perna Studios. With timeless characters like Ganesha, Morrigan, Circe, and Krishna dancing with a Harpy or two, it is one of the most … Continue reading

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The Miami Heat is a Sign of the Apocalypse.

Check the eyes.  We were there to witness.  Chris Bosh is playing like a man possessed.  The millions of people who love to hate the Miami Heat must feel as if the world is coming to an end.  This team … Continue reading

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Sunday Whites.

Hanie Mohd. Katie Cook. Adam Cline. Axebone.

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Marvel Beginnings Has Begun!

That is a Bob Wiacek autographed card that was pulled from a pack of Marvel Beginnings.  The set was released by Upper Deck yesterday.  Here is one more of the hand-signed treasures already pulled. Another thrill that could be yours? Holograms!  Yes, the 3-D … Continue reading

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Googling Squirrel Girl Like Mad.

Because of the Marvel Universe MMO that was detailed for the first time yesterday, our girl Doreen Green is getting a spike like she has never seen. It’s about time.  Squirrel Girl brings a purity of heart to a stained … Continue reading

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Chillin On Sunday With Deadpool.

Sunday. Time to kick back and enjoy life. Like Deadpool. Sketch cards by Axebone, Bard, Charles Hall, Jack Redd, and Hanie Mohd. All from the collection of humpdz. Chillin.

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