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Puzzled By Thor.

The Thor movie is out.  If you stay until after the credits, you will find a surprise.  We know this mystery, but we are not going to reveal it quite yet.  Instead, we present some seriously spectacular Asgardian cardboard with … Continue reading

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Is Thor Too Serious?

Word on the street says that the Thor movie may be the best comic book adaptation of all time.  That’s serious praise.  In honor of Marvel Studios’ amazing achievement, we would like to take a moment and share some mighty … Continue reading

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Upper Deck’s Thor Cards, Including A Piece of Natalie Portman’s Pants.

Soon we will be ripping open packs of Thor trading cards by Upper Deck.  What sweet treasures will be nestled inside?  How about an actual piece of Natalie Portman’s pants? Yes, it’s true.  The actual drawers she wore, cut into … Continue reading

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The Luscious Lines of Mike S. Miller.

It is almost time for Upper Deck’s Thor trading cards to hit the streets.  When the wrappers are peeled off, some lucky collectors will be hit flush in the face with the drool-inducing lines of Mike S. Miller.  Yes, these … Continue reading

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Jose Jaro’s Thor Cards Are Amazing.

The Thor movie is on the horizon, and soon we will be opening packs of Upper Deck trading cards to celebrate.  Nestled neatly inside some of the foil wrappers will be original art sketch cards.  Some of those cards are … Continue reading

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The Mighty Hammer Skills of Remy “Eisu” Mokhtar.

It has been one of the most pleasurable experiences in the history of sketch cards, watching the skills of Remy “Eisu” Mokhtar get stronger, and stronger, and stronger.  Now he has a hammer.  When Upper Deck’s Thor movie cards hit … Continue reading

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Introducing Wendy Chew!

Her name is Wendy Chew. She lives in Singapore.  She has created some of the most terrifically tickling original art sketch cards that the industry has ever seen for Upper Deck’s Thor movie set.  Imagine the giggle that will be … Continue reading

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