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Miami Heat Chibi Cartoon Characters.

I had the same wallpaper on my phone for two years until just now.  Check out these Chibi Miami Heat cartoon characters.  Freaking awesome.

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LeBron James Jumps Over People.

That is the Marvel Comics version of the Miami Heat, by Mike Deodato Jr. They are looking for incoming threats from the sky. Now we know why. Today, LeBron James became an airborne superhero and jumped completely over one of … Continue reading

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That Was Deodato Then, This Is Deodato Now.

That is the first page of official Marvel Comics brilliance ever to flow from the pen of Mike Deodato, Jr. The comic book was Avengers #380. The time was November 1994. 17 years later, the man is still making history. … Continue reading

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Here. We. Go!!!

Squirrel Girl!  Miami Heat! This city is going NUTS!!! That is our favorite player on the Miami Heat squad as they head into the 2011 NBA Finals.  The illustration was created from an actual photograph.  Combine it with the original … Continue reading

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The Miami Heat Squirrel Girl Connection.

That is the cover for New Avengers #15 from Marvel Comics. It is one of the most intense portraits of Squirrel Girl that we have ever seen. It was created by the brilliant Mike Deodato Jr. The comic book will … Continue reading

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The Big Three Are On Fire.

Warren Martineck. Anthony Tan. Mike Kunkel.

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