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Dark Squirrel Girl Stars in Avengers vs. X-Men.

Yes, that is real. Straight from the offices of Marvel Comics, just in time for Christmas. We could not have asked for anything better to stuff our stocking. Absolutely perfect. Thanks Axel, Happy Holidays!

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That Was Deodato Then, This Is Deodato Now.

That is the first page of official Marvel Comics brilliance ever to flow from the pen of Mike Deodato, Jr. The comic book was Avengers #380. The time was November 1994. 17 years later, the man is still making history. … Continue reading

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Dark Squirrel Girl: The Contest.

Here at the Sketchcard Saloon, we love the people at Marvel Comics.  They pay attention to the community.  They recognize the throngs of Squirrel Girl fanatics around the world and they tickle us until we bust a gut.  This time … Continue reading

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Marvel Comics + Miami Heat = ???

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Official. Marvel. Squirrel Girl Wallpaper.

That’s a screenshot of my Facebook two seconds ago.  It. Is. True.  Marvel Comics gave us official Squirrel Girl Wallpaper! Life is good.

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New Marvel Artist In Kree Skrull War.

That card is only three inches across but it will absorb your soul. When Upper Deck releases the latest chapter in Marvel Comics’ Kree Skrull War this summer, one lucky collector will own a unique piece of original art by … Continue reading

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The Miami Heat Squirrel Girl Connection.

That is the cover for New Avengers #15 from Marvel Comics. It is one of the most intense portraits of Squirrel Girl that we have ever seen. It was created by the brilliant Mike Deodato Jr. The comic book will … Continue reading

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