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Holy Sketch Cards, Batman! Cryptozoic is bringing DC back.

Yes kiddies, it is safe to put your Sea Creatures back in the water. After what seems like ages, we will soon be ripping open little foil wrapped treasure chests in search of original art Aquamen. DC is back! Thanks … Continue reading

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Meghan and Axebone and Katie, Oh My! Classic Mythology From Perna Studios.

In the Cosmos of the sketchcard community, there are some big names with an infinite ability to contain and translate immense power onto little pieces of cardboard. Usually the myths involve pop culture icons like Wolverine or Squirrel Girl. Now … Continue reading

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Best. Card. Ever. Squirrel Girl by Meghan Hetrick.

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Meghan Hetrick’s Magnificence and Chris Bosh Feeding A Squirrel.

That is our latest Squirrel Girl sketch card, by the magnificent Meghan Hetrick. When it is finished it will shimmer like these… Last week we teased the new Doreen Green alongside our favorite Miami Heat hero. He also likes squirrels. … Continue reading

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The Journey From Artist To Immortality.

We have talked about these cards before. They are becoming immortal with each new pair of eyes that gazes upon them. Let me explain. Rittenhouse Archives decided to produce a set of trading cards named Marvel’s Dangerous Divas.  The set would … Continue reading

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30 Artists, 30 Deadpools.

Rob Liefeld created Deadpool.  He also did a few sketch cards. Imagine owning THAT. Today we are celebrating the Merc with a Mouth in the loudest way we know how.  30 Artists, 30 Deadpools, Go! Richard Cox. Tone Rodriguez. Tim … Continue reading

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Meghan Hetrick: My Hero.

My favorite color is green.  Thirty years ago when I was a teenager, I first saw a picture of She-Hulk.  It changed my life.  Fast forward to the present moment, and my anima has been captured in that brilliant fantasy … Continue reading

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Marvel’s Dangerous Divas Are Incendiary To The Optics.

That pandemonious Psylocke is a puzzle constructed from four different trading cards.  The original art was created by the amazing Meghan Hetrick, and this glorious prize will be inserted randomly into a box of Marvel Dangerous Divas.  The set will … Continue reading

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Satisfaction by Meghan Hetrick.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Rogue and Gambit, totally satisfied, by Meghan Hetrick. Bliss.

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Character Study: Rogue.

Welcome to the first Sketchcard Saloon Character Study. Get ready to absorb a delicious dozen of the most exquisite little portraits of the magnificent mutant known as Rogue. The tantalizing talent displayed on these tiny two-inch masterpieces will be identfied … Continue reading

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