The Journey From Artist To Immortality.

We have talked about these cards before. They are becoming immortal with each new pair of eyes that gazes upon them. Let me explain.

Rittenhouse Archives decided to produce a set of trading cards named Marvel’s Dangerous Divas.  The set would include original art sketch cards.

Meghan Hetrick agreed to be one of the featured artists.  She has a direct pipline to pure universal energy and she knows how to translate it visually.

She created a series of cardboard masterpieces that plant seeds of transcendant truth within each human that views them.  Some of them look like this.

Those scans were arranged by Meghan herself.  Each sketch artists scans the cards they produce before sending the treasures to the mothership for random insertion into the packs.

Then the search begins.  Hobbyists and dealers all over the world start ripping foil wrappers in a feeding frenzy of obsessive possession.  Many gems are revealed.  The best of these cardboard baubles bounce their way into the hands of some seriously amazing art collectors.

I like to consider myself one of them.  Perhaps the deepest pleasure, for me, is arranging my prized possessions in the ultimate order.  It seems that this practice is not exclusive to our household. Yesterday it was revealed that five of the most exquisite Meghan Hetricks have fallen into the hands of one of the foremost sketch card mavens on Earth. 

He arranged them in an alchemical geometry that instantly transfers the bliss of creation, ownership, and display directly to the heart of everyone who sees them.  Fair warning, this holds many arcane truths that could change your life.


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