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Thanos Party.

George Calloway. Andre Toma. George Davis. Anthony Tan. George Calloway. Brandon Kenney. Advertisements

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150,000 with Wanda.

Scarlet Witch vs. Doop. Katie Cook. Immortal Mythology updated like a spark inside the present moment. Party on. This morning we reached a milestone here at the Sketchcard Saloon. 150,000 visitors have engorged their eyes with the soulbursting syrup of … Continue reading

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Thursday Thirteen: Shuma vs. Thanos in The Video Game That Changed My Life.

Oh, how I love that game.  The year was 1997.  Shuma-Gorath was introduced to the wider world.  The rest is history. I love tentacles almost as much as I love pop culture.  Having two great tastes at my command with … Continue reading

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Brandon Kenney’s Perfect Storm.

Brandon Kenney has created more than 1000 sketch cards, but his watercolor-based experiments for the Marvel 70th Anniversary set were unlike anything this community has ever seen. Magnificent miniature mythology indeed.

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Permanent Credits.

These are nine little beauties from my personal collection. They will be a permanent feature of the Sketchcard Saloon, and we want to applaud their creators. Here are the specifics: Elektra Skrull by Daniel Campos from the Marvel 70th Anniversary … Continue reading

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