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Irma Ahmed’s Astounding Avengers.

That is one of the most beautiful treasures in our collection. Elektra by Irma Ahmed, from the Dangerous Divas set. Now Rittenhouse Archives is ready to unleash a new batch of sketchcard magnificence with their upcoming 2012 Marvel Greatest Heroes … Continue reading

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Best. Card. Ever. Irma Ahmed. Elektra.

Absolute perfection.  This one speaks for itself.

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Irma Ahmed’s Blissful Thor Purity.

Irma Ahmed is a singular talent in the sketchcard community.  Her line is pure and her aim is bliss.  She is one of the artists that have created one-of-a-kind original art trading cards for the upcoming Thor movie set from … Continue reading

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Squirrel Girl Beats Deadpool Every Time.

Don’t get Squirrel Girl angry. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry. Deadpool found out the hard way. By Irma Ahmed.

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The (Squirrel Girl) Truth According To Bendis.

That is a little jewel that was just pulled from its pack somewhere in Maryland.  It is an original art sketch card by Irma Ahmed from the Marvel Heroes and Villains set.  We were aware that Squirrel Girl was leaving Deadpool to … Continue reading

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