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Puzzled By Thor.

The Thor movie is out.  If you stay until after the credits, you will find a surprise.  We know this mystery, but we are not going to reveal it quite yet.  Instead, we present some seriously spectacular Asgardian cardboard with … Continue reading

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We Have A Wendy Chew.

She was the one artist in all the Thor set that we set our sights upon.  Now she is ours.  Wendy Chew, We Love You!

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He Is Jonboy Meyers, Hear Him Rock.

Those are the two main villains from this summer’s blockbuster Marvel movies.  Loki will be taking the hammer from Thor, and Red Skull will be getting shielded by Captain America.  In only two more weeks we will be shredding the foil wrappers … Continue reading

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Deadpool Still Thinks He Is Thor.

Daniel Gorman caught Deadpool swinging.  Ha! (At least he has a better hammer than last week.)

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Deadpool Thinks He Is Thor.

Joe Pekar makes us laugh out loud.

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The Luscious Lines of Mike S. Miller.

It is almost time for Upper Deck’s Thor trading cards to hit the streets.  When the wrappers are peeled off, some lucky collectors will be hit flush in the face with the drool-inducing lines of Mike S. Miller.  Yes, these … Continue reading

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Frankie B. Washington is rocking the Thor!

Today’s cards are so hot that they ooze pure cool. Frankie B. Washington, master of the intense scenario. Enjoy!

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