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Wicked Wolverine From Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Concept Gallery.

Found that in the Concept Gallery, while waiting for the DLC Heroes and Heralds mode to be released.  Wicked cool.

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Dave Bullock FTW.

It’s a lucky day in the Saloon.  Not only does Mulletman grace the top of this post, but there is more Dave Bullock where that came from.  Remember gang, if you want to wallow in the wonderland of sketch card … Continue reading

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Wolverine Fantasy Squirrel Girl.

That is the cover of Wolverine #8.  The comic book was released into the consciousness of humanity yesterday.  We may never recover. All the action occurs inside Logan’s head, and it quickly turns hot and heavy.  I mean REALLY hot and … Continue reading

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Mark McHaley Is A Master.

Oh. My. Gorgeous.  The Wolverine Origins set by Rittenhouse Archives is rather obscure.  I had never seen those magnificent cards by Mark McHaley until today.  My eyes will never be the same.  Especially after finding his work on Batman Archives. … Continue reading

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The Sublime Art of Noah Salonga.

In real life, that otherworldly portrait of Doctor Strange is only two and a half inches across.  The drawings of Noah Salonga are some of the most magnificent interpretations of mythological characters that humanity has ever known, and this one is … Continue reading

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Katie Cook Saves.

Some days are difficult.  The politics of modern life can really bring me down, if I let them.  I am an art teacher, and the career that I have dedicated my life to is under attack.  If the people in … Continue reading

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The Red and the Black. (Marvel Universe Edition.)

Can you identify all of those funky fan favorites? Well, that was just a taste.  Today we present one wonderful way of drawing the Marvel Universe.  George “Geo” Davis did a most amazing themed sub-set in the Iron Man 2 … Continue reading

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