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The Genius of Jon Sommariva.

Yes, those are the Darkstalkers. No, they have never looked better. The genius of Jon Sommariva has taken the super-deformed Chibi look from their appearance in Super Puzzle Fighter 2 and made it a masterpiece. Here in the Saloon, we … Continue reading

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Blast From The Past: Eric Canete’s Marvel Masterpieces.

Upper Deck blew the world to bits with their first Marvel Masterpieces set in 2007, allowing hundreds of psychotically skilled artists to interpret timeless comic book characters in any way they saw fit. Eric Canete absolutely nailed it.

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Adam Cline’s Quirky Marvel Masterpieces.

The artwork of Adam Cline borders upon the insane.  There is no rational explanation for this much bizarre individuality.  He is a quirk of nature. The card above is the only Adam Cline in our collection.  She is Tasty, an … Continue reading

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Jeremy Treece Party!

Today is my 50th birthday, and that sketch card drawn by Jeremy Treece landed in my mailbox just in time.  Jeremy Treece is one of the most unique and twisted artists in the industry.  Here is some of his Marvel cardboard … Continue reading

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Best. Card. Ever. Benjamin “Skulljammer” Glendenning.

Benjamin Glendenning is Skulljammer and his AoA Morph blows our minds. Pure.  

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Zombie Squirrel Girl And A Freaking Mess Of Friends.

That is the cover of the comic book.  Inside lies a worldshattering panel that was too frightening for the internet.  Until today.  The time is now.  The truth must be told, and the planet must know.  Squirrel Girl has been infected by … Continue reading

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Three Years Later.

Upper Deck started this party in 2008.  Their relaunch of the Marvel Masterpieces set brought together some of the most intense eye poppers in the comic book industry to create original art miniature museum pieces on three-inch pieces of cardboard that you … Continue reading

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