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Squirrel Girl Chibi Showcase.

  She is becoming more popular with every breath that every human takes. Squirrel Girl Mania is sweeping the land. Thanks to the Dangerous Divas set by Rittenhouse Archives, Doreen Green has taken forms previously unseen. Like that whimsical wonderwork … Continue reading

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Diva Goodies.

Magnificent. Simply magnificent. Ms. Marvel in her three phases, forming a sketch card puzzle, by Kevin West, all pulled from one box. Breathtaking beauty, unbelievable luck. Marvel’s Dangerous Divas by Rittenhouse Archives has all sorts of goodies like that. Some … Continue reading

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The Legend of Nightshade Just Caught Fire.

Last night we tucked that little beauty into our sketchcard collection. As thrilled as we were, there was also cause for concern. This is one Dangerous Diva hot enough to burn down a house. The legend of Nightshade began 38 … Continue reading

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Meghan Hetrick: My Hero.

My favorite color is green.  Thirty years ago when I was a teenager, I first saw a picture of She-Hulk.  It changed my life.  Fast forward to the present moment, and my anima has been captured in that brilliant fantasy … Continue reading

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Unidentified Marvel Females.

That is an official Marvel Comics card, approved by the home offices. It was created by John Jackman, inserted into a random foil package of Dangerous Divas, and sent out into the world. But wait. Who is the character? One … Continue reading

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Best. Card. Ever. Slickaway’s Intense Squirrel Girl.

The party is in full swing.  Run your nuts off to find some Dangerous Divas. They were released last night at midnight.  This Squirrel Girl was discovered in Austin and is now headed to Miami. Pure Intensity by Larry Schlekewy, … Continue reading

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Tim Shay Has Taken His Game To The Next Level.

Tim Shay is up to bat on the Marvel Dangerous Divas set. He hit it out of the park.

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