The Urban Barbarian And The Crossbones.

Dan Panosian is a wildman, an expressive monstrosity, The Urban Barbarian. He is one of the few talented terrors who dabbles in devious doodles for both comic books and sketch cards. His output runs the gamut, and his Crossbones card is now a screaming jewel in our Miami collection. When I asked the maniac himself about the card above, Dan Panosian spoke in hushed tones about the dastardly demon that had escaped his own hand:

“He looks like he is going to rip somebody’s head off.”

Crossbones is an evil mother lode that menaces Captain America, and he had one appearance in a video game called Captain America and the Avengers back in 1991. It was a stand-up arcade hit that made it to the Nintendo consoles, and Crossbones is wicked fun as a badass boss.

Back to The Urban Barbarian Dan Panosian, we see a purity of gesture and line that is rarely captured in the sketch card medium. Loud. Raw. Direct.

Pretty damn perfect.



And then we fast forward to this. A convention sketch from Las Vegas. A sublime moment of transcendence. A Wonder.


But wait. The Urban Barbarian is all that and more. Real, living, bellowing pages from officially published comic books that will break through the sheetrock of your brain and blast holes in your soul. Dan Panosian can do that.





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